Monday, December 22, 2008

Powerfully "Savage Scent" For Men

"Black Leopard 23K" Fabulous Scent For That Unique Man Who Carries Within Himself A Deep Confidence As He Creates His Own Perfect Reality. A Smoldering & Intense Fragrance Of Concentrated Perfume Oils...Not Diluted With Alcohol, Very Long Lasting On The Skin As Well As In The Bottle. ONE OZ., Saturated With Thousands of Flakes Of 23Karat Gold ! A
Perfect Gift For Towelth Night On Jan. 06 '09...Order Now For A Timely Delivery To Celebrate The 12 Days Of Christmas.
Sale Price: $110 S&H $20 Total $130

Genuine White 24KGold, Frankincense & Myrrh

Elegant, Beautiful & Exquisite Gift Offering In Celebration Of The
"Three Wise Men" Of Traditional Christmas Stories. Now, Today, We All Can Enjoy This Rare & Precious Gift For Ourselves & Those We Care About. Pure Essential Oils, The World's First Medicine, From Oman: Frankincense, & From Ethiopia: Myrrh, Then Lavishly Saturated With 24Karat White Gold Flakes, A
True Jewel For The Eyes! A Very Unique Gift Suitable For Men & Women..Supplies Are Limited, First Come, First served ! Order Now 1/2 OZ $125. S&H $20 Total $145.00

Genuine Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh

Elegant, Beautiful & Exquisite Gift Offering In Celebration Of The Gifts From The
"Three Wise Men" "The Three Magi"
"The Three Kings" Which Ever Title You Prefer From Our Traditional Christmas Stories ...Now, Today, We All Can Enjoy This Unique Gift For Ourselves And To Gift Those We Care About. Refillable Perfume Glass Vial Of Frankincense & Myrrh, Concentrated, And So Lavishly Saturated With Real 23Karat Gold Flakes. Should Last Several Months...Not Diluted With Alcohol...Refills Available After Jan. 26'09, Price TBD. Very Limited
Supplies In Stock, First Come, First Served. This Most Unique Of Gifts Being Suitable For Men & Women, Order Now 1/2 OZ $125.00 S&H $20 Total $145.00

The Three Wise Men Delivering Gifts

Celebrate The Twelve Days Of Christmas
From Dec. 26 '08 To Jan. 06 '09, The Day We Honor The Gifts From The Magi Of GOLD, FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH Which Were Brought To This New Born Baby Christ Child GOLD Is Incorruptible The World's Stable Currency..Essential Oil Of Frankincense Is Anti-Microbial, Anti-Fungal & Myrrh is Anti-Bacterial, Heals & Rejuvenates Tissue...The World's First Medicines Considered More Valuable Than Gold Itself ...Natural Medicine To Protect & Safe-Guard Baby. We Offer Such Gifts To You In Honor Of Our Personal Belief System On Twelfth Night. Behold !! A Blend Of Perfume Concentrates Of Frankincense & Mryyh With 23 Karat Gold Flakes In A Beautiful Frosted Designer Perfume Vial.
Also, A Pure Essential Oil Blend Of The Magi's Gifts Prepared With 24 Karat White Gold Flakes, Offered In The "White Gold Version" Designer Glass Vial.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Savage Scent "Rolling"

Savage & Intense Scent For Men & Women
Seeking Something Elite, Unusual- Easy
To Use & Easy To Carry Everywhere. A
Nice Size Roll-On Of Very Concentrated Perfume Oil...Not Diluted With Alcohol !
1/3 Oz., Specify For Men Or Women..Just A Few Left At This Year End Special For
"12 Days Of Christmas Special"
Regular Price $75.00...Now Only $50.00
Plus $15 S&H Domestic...
Order Now While Our Supplies Last!

Perfume Necklace Vials..Refillable

"Liquid Jewels" Necklace Perfume Vials
Concentrated Perfume Oils With Genuine 23 Karat Gold Flakes...(Refills Available Jan. 27, 2009) One Vial Of A Feminine Scent, One Unisex/Masculine Scent...End Of Year Limited Quantities
Regular Price: $135.00
12 Days Of Christmas Special...$99.00
S&H, Confirmation, Insurance, Etc., $15
Order Before Dec. 31 '08 And First Refill Is Free..Pay Only For The S&H..Domestic Only
Supplies Very Limited, First Come, First Served!